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PostSubject: Story Line    Story Line  I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 23, 2012 11:33 am

This story does not take place at the dawn of our world; in fact it starts in our moderately recent history. In truth, Valderre was a quiet and relatively boring place before it all transpired; therefore some could say the start of this story is in fact the best thing that ever happened to us; while others may only see the worst…

History of the Families

A hundred years ago, there was a stirring within various different tribes. A large clan named “The Transcendent Cross” (or “Cross”) decided they were growing powerful enough to attempt to ambush the government of Buhay and force it into becoming a communist nation ruled by their leader. They nearly succeeded in doing so, but were spoiled by the appearance of a second, even stronger clan who wished to protect the country from communist rule; this clan’s name was “The Consecrated Lords” (or “Lords”). The Lords fought for days against Cross and finally after many casualties, they managed to surpass them. In an effort to make certain that Transcendent Cross never returned to attack Buhay again, the Lords shipped the remaining Cross survivors of the battle to Kholodnyi, the iciest most miserable place on the planet.

When the boat landed at Kholodnyi and the passengers were dropped off there, some of the clan, disgusted with the outcome, decided to leave the main crowd and go on their own way. These ex-members eventually stumbled across Fola and sank their roots there; however some were still seeking revenge. Two men in particular stand out in history. One chose to take control over the tiny group of ex-Cross members choosing to stay in Kholodnyi, and build a small town on the outskirts of the Spine, the village was then named Blade Town, after this man. The second had gone with the other group but did not stop in Fola, instead he took three others and continued on his path till he reached Paradeisos and decided to build another Transcendent Cross there, but in his own image. Before long a small gathering of individuals were made and were renamed as “The Eradicators,” (Also known as New Cross)  but their leader didn’t stop there, he assembled his group for ten years until it was as strong as the real Transcendent Cross had been.

Meanwhile (immediately after the incident in Buhay), in the country of Fola a growing clan named “The Resolute Sun”( ironically named to send a political statement to the land of no sun; and nicknamed, R-Sun)  was beginning to get antsy with the sudden erratic clan behavior all over the world. In an effort to protect themselves in case of an attack from any surrounding enemies, R-sun began to fortify themselves with weapons, men and magic. Unfortunately this rubbed the government of Fola the wrong way, as they too were on guard of rebelling groups, and the military was dispatched all across the country in an attempt to squelch all the clans before they became an issue. R-sun was nearly entirely wiped out from this and the enraged leader of the clan, Jikea Kugeki , swore that he would give them a real reason to be scared; he immediately fled and began to develop a plan that would someday give him reign over Fola. Ten years later, he had organized a new Resolute Sun somewhere hidden deep within the Gysahl Crypts.

The World War

Ten years after the Transcending Cross’ riot, Resolute Sun surfaced again as a massive clan of trained soldiers and immediately began sending moles into the Fola government. However, several of them were caught 6 months later and beheaded without trial ; not ready to face the military again, however, the rest of the clan was forced into hiding in the Crypts once more, but the unjust behavior of Fola did not go overlooked.

News of the unwarranted execution reached Paradeisos  and Buhay, thus attracting the attention of the aforementioned clans. The whole world seemed to be holding their breath but it didn’t last long before Fola, in preparation of the consequences of their
unprecedented actions, made a desperate reach to Kholodnyi for an alliance. Our world’s very first contract was made when the new president of Kholodnyi, Arrikiko Blade, agreed to lend Fola his assistance under the condition that they help them receive payback from The Lords.

With the growing population in Kholodnyi , and the brutal totalitarian style that Arrikiko Blade offered, Fola’s military immediately grew stronger, however, Fola’s previous actions had yet to be pardoned and the sudden expansion of arms threatened other countries, especially neighboring nation Paradeisos. The reaction was an invasion from Paradeisos in unison with The Eradicators who worked closely with their country’s Law Enforcement (many of them WERE police officers).  

A war began between Fola with their Kholodnyi allies, and Paradeisos with The Eradicators, and Fola tumbled 4 days later beneath the might of the larger nation’s military. Unfortunately, the war should have ended there but it did not; Arrikiko Blade brought back up the contract to Fola’s government, stating that his job was finished despite the loss, and that they had to uphold their end of the deal. So a year later, Fola and Kholodnyi gathered their forces again and launched an attack on The Consecrated Lords.

Needless to say the group didn’t stand a chance against the ambush and were smashed to pieces; however the remaining survivors managed to escape to Fritt, including their pregnant second in command, Vixen Vanguard. Here Natalia had her baby, a daughter, and then immediately went to rebuilding the Lords, but under the new impression of her child she decided she wanted the clan to be more of a family than anything and so they were renamed the Vanguard Family and their goals became more pure; protect the weak, enforce justice.

The Vanguards left Fritt and returned to Wind City in Buhay 15 years later in order to join the political and vengeance based World War that had begun between The Eradicators, Paradeisos, Fola, Resolute Sun, and Kholodnyi , 6 months prior.

Natalia’s daughter, Demala, howeverk, was horrified in the decision of her family as she longed for peace in the world and so she ran away and remained hidden in Fritt while the others went and fought for Buhay.

The Council

During this time the high spirited Demala, determined to put an end to the war, searched all of Fritt for those who wished to see the war stop, and managed to gather three followers as passionate in their cause as she was. The tiny group named themselves “The Peace Seekers” and immediately formed a strike, which did absolutely nothing. Eventually, though, as the war grew into Shnitter and Fritt, and things were getting worse and worse, more started to realize the need for an end to the madness and Demala’s group expanded immensely.

After a year, the Peace Seekers took it on themselves to provide for refugee’s pouring into Fritt from Buhay and pretty soon they were known for their kindness to all sides of the war, no matter where they were from; and so doors opened for the still considerably small guild.

After only two years of functioning the Peace Seekers became known as the Council, but it was still a nickname given to them loosely after their ability to keep their eyes on everything that was happening despite the majority of the group being so young.

After the War

Fast forward another 7 years down the road; the war was dying down at that point and with the help of a few peaceful guilds, including the Council, it did eventually come to a treaty that ultimately left no one victorious. From there many of the groups that were still surviving after the 9 year war had learned a valuable lesson about life and 3 of them changed their names to bare those of their founders as a respect of the “brotherhood” of those they lost and those they still had.

Resolute Sun became “Kugeki Family,” and returned to Fola, The Eradicator’s became “Xanatos Family” and returned to Paradeisos, those from Mercer Town in Kholodnyi formed a group during the 9 years and named themselves “Blade Family” and of course the Vanguard Family chose to remain in Buhay. In order to keep the peace, the treaty granted each of them partial ownership of their hailing nations, but of course the rivalries would always be a part of our history.

The Cleaners

Three years after the war the Council was becoming a major role in Valderre; they had sunk their roots into Fritt permanently and were developing many members. However, a small faction off the side of the group was getting bitter with the “flowery” way the Council handled things. These men and woman preferred hands-on on ways to force people to behave; they liked guns and blood when it was for the better cause, and felt they weren’t allowed enough freedom to do this within the strict rules of the Council. Therefore, Demala’s husband, Rei Shura of the Mercer family, who was the leader of this rebellious crowd, led a strike the ultimately resulted in the banning of everyone involved from the group.

So naturally, Rei took the rag-tag bunch and made a new group called the Cleaners which had similar interests as the Council, except with more violent effectiveness. It didn’t take very long for them to kick off but to this day the two guilds, who have already handed down to new leaderships, still  cannot seem to get along.

Current Times
Now Valderre lives in a time of shaky peace, skirmishes break out from time to time, and Families still fight to stay alive. The world has come to one of secret murders, killing contracts, conspiracies, black markets, and sin cities. Our story is young and bloody, but some would say that without our history we would be nothing; just a rock in the universe.

We're more than that though...we have a name written in crimson. We are Valderre; The World of the Hitman Families!
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Story Line
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