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 Come here mut!(Contract)

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PostSubject: Come here mut!(Contract)   Sat Jun 09, 2018 6:41 pm


It was dam cold, always so cold in this city and Kane didn't like lingering about for too long but he always had a constant need for money so he had began forming a name for himself; people didn't like giving jobs to no names so in order to compensate Kane made a crew which at the moment had only himself within it. But it was still enough to get him a few security detail jobs he was on his way to the first at the moment, riding down the street with a steady stream of J.Cole's Kevin's Heart playing, of course he was driving his own vehicle. Marauder, using the blade family's travel service would only further there gains in southern africa and if Kane could help it. There would be a new sheriff in town so too speak.

He was wearing no shirt like always and black cargo pants, with his two weapons inside the car in the trunk, the marauder was very spacious holding at max 10 people and the gear they were holding, Kane had even tricked it out with some paint making it black and giving it two Black bull symbols on both sides on each door, showing exactly who they were.

The ice would lift into a pume as Kane hit the breaks in front of a ice building he would take a moment to look it over leaning on the wheel then give a small sigh before reading over the details and hopping out of the vehicle before heading toward the trunk and strapping the demon slayer sword on too his hip as well as the demon dweller sword to his back.

He would secure the straps then head up the building giving out a billow of smoke from the cold air before opening the building door and heading upstairs toward the clients room, the man it seemed was already gone his assistant waiting with the dog Kane would simply yank the leash with a blank stare before heading outside and back into his vehicle. He had a few hours to kill but luckily the car already had some red meat in it so the only thing he really had to do was walk the dam thing, something he already disliked.

Once he was finished he would throw the dog into the trunk and take a sip from a bottle of vodka he had in his cargo pants pocket, the liquor running through him and giving the shirtless nomad a burst of warmth. He would next hop back in his vehicle and toward the drop off point not even bothering to get out he would allow the man to open the trunk himself and close it with Kane holding his hand out for payment and once he got it he would drive off rather quickly. Maybe he would do it again a quick 500, Next on his list was maybe refilling his flask and even getting a few shots of some real liquor in him but for that he needed a GPS and he knew exactly where to get one.
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PostSubject: Re: Come here mut!(Contract)   Sun Jun 10, 2018 6:25 am

Greeting I will be grading this today for you!
WC Requirement: Met 500 Words/523.
Comments, and notes:
So after briely reading this contract a few times. I see you let out a lot of stuff but since this is a 3 part contract. I can see you maybe introducting these detial along the line.

These detail are the dogs name, meeting the client you know a little more fluff can go a long way lol. Btw you be miss treating the poor dog wrong lol.

But all in all a decent start I hope to continue reading the next 2 to unlock the next contract for this!

Reward 500 dollars
You didn't do much so that why it only the money you getting I recommend you explored what dog walking is lol.
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Come here mut!(Contract)
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