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 Black Bulls

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PostSubject: Black Bulls   Fri Jun 08, 2018 12:29 pm

Crew Name: Black Bulls
Crew Location: South Africa
Crew Symbol:

IC Information:
Crew Information:
Vol.1---Everyone is a tool, everyone serves only one purpose and that purpose is to benefit you. If they don’t then kill them without mercy, watch them bleed like pigs and let their corpse rot in the sun. Trusting someone is a weakness that we have no intention of showing. I only help those that I feel can benefit me, if you’re expendable than I’ll watch you die without even flinching. We care for no one; We help only those that we feel will benefit us greatly though if we feel that someone could help me more than we will watch the earlier said person die as well.

Do not trust us, as we do not trust you. We will never watch your back as you will never watch ours… a team is there only to help us achieve our goals. Animals are not our friends they are weapons… as I too am a weapon, but I am a weapon that has been sharpened.....I am a black Bull.
Crew History: When Kane Mercer had finished the slaughter in the southern african policr station he wasn’t in any rush to return to the city the blade family called home, he stayed out near Auto Saida for some time; training more near the area where his mother was buried. He looked at that said area with his emerald optics often; he knew he was getting closer and closer towards his goal. He was becoming the God he was born to be, in his eyes at least. He was becoming the very soul that could bring this world together and though for the longest he had hoped to rejoin the blade family he knew that he needed to forge his own path; He was going to be feared by many and welcomed by none, he realized what this would present, a life alone only forming a team to help him achieve his goal but just who exactly?

He wasn’t quite sure, he trusted no one, so as per obvious he always watched his back picking up useful people along the way until he had a small Crew that had not done much due to the traveling needed to gather reliable people. He called them the Black bulls and began prepping them for heist and taking in serious contracts.

Kain Mercer
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PostSubject: Re: Black Bulls   Fri Jun 08, 2018 4:00 pm

Approve ya on my turf don't get ya salad toss player.
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PostSubject: Re: Black Bulls   Mon Jun 11, 2018 6:38 pm

Only member died Crew disbanded and forgotten
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PostSubject: Re: Black Bulls   

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Black Bulls
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