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 Upkeep of Blade

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PostSubject: Upkeep of Blade   Wed Jun 06, 2018 3:11 pm

Crow Blade

Golden Snake

A slight breeze swept throughout the castle . The Crystal Palace  otherwise known as the Blade Palace itself is enormous, and is made out of pure ice. It is known for it chill environment, and cold weather. But one man who have grown use to this development walk along the ice floors of the base. A base that booming with life people of all races, and ranks but none higher then his position. Only a few select people know of his true appearance as it was need to know which pretty much make it classified intel to lower ranking family members. Letting out a sigh Crow walk down the narrow hallways of the palace arriving at a large spacious room that was empty.

Crow sighed as he sat down along the icy stair case of the room. As Crow body begin to relax his mind begin to think earlier that day he was inform of potential break out of infection from some kind of Wasps that threaten the entirely of the world. Upon hearing that he immediate order return of all Blade Members back to base it is the reason why the base was thriving with life.

It also that very same reason that serious of this out break cause the family to be on high alert, and currently on lock down.His movement of peace was interrupted by sound of ringing. Yup you guess it his trained of though was interrupted by his personal cell phone letting it ring until the last possible moment before he have to pick it up.

He had answer in a gentle,"Hello?" The voice on the other ended said,"Sir we need you in the meeting hall sir!"
Crow had grunted in disapproval as he replied,"Very well I shall be there shortly." Standing back up to his full height his as he tuck his right hand which hold the cell phone back into his pocket. Along his waist dangle his sword Snake which he rarely used, and Hades The Blade Family standard weapon. He spin around, and made his way toward the meeting hall where he will conduct his duties as the Head of Blade Family without fail.


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Upkeep of Blade
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