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PostSubject: Alexander Xanathos   Alexander Xanathos I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 04, 2018 8:59 am

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Alexander 'The Devil' Xanathos

Basic Character Information
Character Name: Alexander Xanathos
Visual Age:32
Age: 666
Gender: Male
Race: Half Blood(Human & Demon)
Family/Group: Xanathos
Nationality: American

Appearance Information
Eye color: Green
Height:6'1 Ft
Basic Body Build:Athletic
Family/Group Mark Location: Neck(Back)
Special Characteristics:
Appearance Description:
»Slim: Alexander has a slim slender body which over all contains less than 6 percent body fat the rest being complete muscle. He takes his body’s shape rather serious and therefore hates going up in weight unless the intention of the increase is strictly for muscle gain. Due to the strong love of his body, he aims to keep it in tip top condition therefore training on daily bases either alongside his family or other members of the Blade family that are seeking to improve.

»Complexion: Simply put, Alexander is tanned. His tan is from his continuous ventures to the far sides of the Human globe in order to seek out either opponents or additional members for the Family. The tan is only really his neck downward as his face is clearly much whiter in comparison to the other parts of his body. His complexion is something that attracts a lot of women to him though he really doesn’t bother wasting his time with women unless they show bother power and excellent looks.

»Height: With Alexander being both slim and slender he tends to tower over his opponents at a staggering height of 6ft 3. The vast majority of the time he stands at that ever increasing height however there are times when Alexander height drops down to 6 foot due to either lack of moisture in his body or because of his slacking posture.
Strength: Above Standard
Speed: Above Standard
Agility: Below Standard
Reflex: Above Standard
Stamina: Below Standard
Life Force: Below Standard
Intelligence: Super Charged(+2 from bonus)(+1 from race bonus)

Character Bio
Personality:Talkative: For an antagonist, he tends to talk a hell of a lot. Alexander most likely talks more than any other member of the Xanathos Family for the simple reason that he doesn’t give a shit about other people’s opinions and enjoys expressing his own at every opportunity provided. He not only enjoys expressing his point of view but also likes to mock others in battle or in simple social situations unless their one of his buddies. 

»Aggressive: When it comes down to it, he could possibly be nominated for some fucking award for his aggressiveness in combat. Once a battle begins he tends to take it easy until the opponent gets too excited and begins to get over confident; he hates over confident people who lack the power to support their ambitions and desires. He enjoys shattering their dreams through the release of his aggressive aptitude. Once he starts on his aggressive path it’s rather hard for him to be stopped as he begins to enjoy the pain and anguish of his opponent; he welcomes the fact of death while keeps a keen focus for the murder of his pitiful opponents.

»Frightful: At times Alexander becomes a very unpleasant person to be around. His frightfulness sources from his aggressive personality and once that is unveiled alongside his sadistic smile then the opponents are really put in horror as he portrays every known myth behind the so called Devil. Hell, his even been around for over 666 years and that being the devils proclaimed number allows him to add a touch of defiance and prowess over the everyday individuals. 

»Combat Orientated: Although Alexander is very talkative he doesn’t really enjoy all the pointless jibber jabba with his opponents unless it’s to point out a fucking mistake they have made for example messing with him! With this in mind, he tends to be more battle orientated and dedicates both his soul and mind to success in combat.

» Arrogant, Boasting Bastered: This part of his personality clearly branches from his talkative nature and his “I don’t give a fuck” attitude. Because of his attitude he tends to mock everyone’s flaws and doesn’t give a shit at their responses as their mere comebacks and nothing more. He will boast about his success in a battle to the opponent and eventually he will aim to take them to their knees and leave them for dead though he would make sure they remained alive so that if they were to ever meet again and fight it out, he would brag about the previous fight in order to diminish the opponents morale and rid them of the will to fight! The whole point of the boasting is too big himself up in an egotistical type of manner while striking fear into the opponents heart with either fiction or details regarding actual events that have occurred. 

»Hard As Nails: Alexander is vast majority of the time identified by his Hard as Nails personality. Although people may not directly refer to the hard as nails bit, his extreme resilience to pain can be distinguished in comparison to others of Xanathos. He tends to take pain far above his own capability while neither twitching nor showing any emotion of pain; this tends to depress his opponents and derail them as it almost looks like they’re not dealing any feasible damage to him. He took a lot of beating while alive, and throughout his short lived career as the family's bitch, therefore there really aren’t any pains that he hadn’t felt thus nothing has surprised him and any pain ranging from a stab to a loss of limb are endured with no expressions or emotions aside maybe laughter.

»Titanium Will: His Titanium will originate from his constant desire to succeed and grow stronger so that at one point or another he is the one to be feared around the universe. He knows that enduring pain and harsh times is the only way to advance, the only way to dominate the foundations of living, the only way of becoming all mighty and therefore he seizes to give up until every drop of his blood has spilt and his heart has come to a swift stop. He doesn’t fear nothing, not death, not the gates of hell that will prominently sweep him off upon his demise and not the feared protagonists of the world.

»Born Killer: Alexander is a born killer. There really is nothing more to it. From birth he has seeked power and the blood of others yet he never seeked out the option of bullying in order to fulfil his cravings. Eventually he strayed of path and began to beat down thieves, when that didn’t satisfy him, he would begin brawls with civilians and when that wasn’t enough he would lash out at someone from the family's hideout. Eventually, they decided they would be better off having the kid on their side, an old man who saw potential in him and trained him day and night in order to relieve his frustrations and anger against state enemy’s rather than the thieves and pedestrians. The killer instinct grew as did his experience until eventually he became far too big of a threat to the military…

Character History:Alexander was born to a regular family alongside one older brother by the name of Hakai. Unlike his brother, he had blond hair which was a trademark from the mother’s side of the family while Hakai had the hair of the father’s side. The duos were despised by their parents, they were cruel and discriminative toward the children, and it was a terrible child hood. They were rough but the source of their anger wasn’t apparent to the two boys as they crushed their dreams and possibilities of success. He despised it, he’d rather die than live with them, a feeling that his brother could see; it was pitiful really, the way they picked on them for no apparent reason with only a single intention of self-satisfaction. 

At the age of 14 Alexander noticed something horrific, he returned home after a long day of looking for his brother to show him the money he had found while venturing through the city. His large blue eyes gazed through the archway leading into the house while his body froze; it was almost like someone had their hands on his shoulders preventing him from moving toward his brother. He lost feeling in his legs and dropped down to his knees while the soldiers from the surrounding area rushed to stop him from continuously slamming the knife into all of the parent’s vital areas. They both hated them, the course of action was appropriate to the situation; his eyes glared while the soldiers attempted on several occasions to pull him off the parents. Eventually, they did. 

They began to drag him away while thunder clapped in the surrounding area, with its clap it sent forth a torrent of rain but the waterworks had begun as tears began crawling across Stings face while his brother was taken away before his eyes! He looked at up to see the shadow that had been clamping down on his shoulders, it finally eased its grip but it was far too late; the soldiers dragged him away. He attempted to look through the gaps between the soldiers to see where they were taking him but as the clouds slowly began to slowly get intoxicated in black the light instantly vanished from the village. 

The following day, the conclusion to his brief trial was announced. It was horrifying but he was sentenced to death. IT felt like Alexander's tongue had sunk down his throat as he attempted to protest; it didn’t work. He looked up and the instant the executioners blade descended, he screamed out, “DON’T LEAVE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE BAKAYAROOOO” and with that his heart sunk to his stomach as the overwhelming feeling of the loss began to slowly register and the fountains of tears rained down…

He had nothing and no one. The house was sold and the money went to the state; he was left to make his own living and live out in the cold of the night alleyways. He had no choice, he began to thieve from the local store owners and as they chased him he would hop up across buildings until eventually he became accustomed to stealing but the stall owners all grouped together to bring this hooligan to his knees and force the state to deal with him. On one rather bright night, the sky was swept with colors of red and orange while Alexander sat on a roof of a building while indulging on bread and water melon until the alleyway that he usually occupied began getting swamped by a bunch of pests or street fighters as some would call them. 

They looked up at Alexander, with him nearing the age of 18 he looked rather aggressive and serious but still he tried to ignore them and proceeded to eat until the muscular leader threw a rock that smashed Alexander on one side of his head. He became enraged, his eyes flaring with yellow as he hopped down to the ground; his arms and legs moved at their own accord while the punks began to draw their swords and brace themselves for battle. He didn’t allow them to draw the weapons by instantly attacking. 

The moment his feet touched the ground he shot off, his hands were alongside his chin and as he approached his right fist shot out slamming directly into the chest of the bully. With the shot, the man’s ribs began to concave under pressure; his left wrist uncontrollably slipped the blade out of the man’s sheath and threw at the nearest individual. The blade struck the forehead and almost instantly pierced through both the structure of the skull and the brain. His feet shuffled across and he withdrew the dead man’s sword prior to throwing it at the next person until all of them began to scurry away in fear calling him only one word, MONSTER. Throughout this whole time, it seemed to Alexander that he was watching the action from a third person perspective and only moments after going berserk on the thugs he lost consciousness. 

The following day, he was seized by the army, he was offered two choices, bluntly put the first choice was to become the bitch of the military while the second was death. He of course hesitated when answering but the word death slowly crept off his tongue; the military on the other hand had different ideas in mind and began to train the young rascal in order for him to become an assassin of the state. His thirst for blood ten folded in the 300 years he spent training prior to the year that he worked for those pesky baboons. 

After a total of 500 years he had enough of being controlled. He really didn’t give a fuck but the state had made a weapon that not even they could tame. He was an animal, the electric executioner; this nickname stuck as all of his victims seemed to be killed by an electric over drive or some form of internal damage that would remain untraceable. 

He revolted.

One day he wasn’t satisfied with the daily missions and lashed out in the barracks. His blade gently slipping through thirty simultaneous individuals before anyone had even a moment to react. He began to slash the soldiers and massacred the villagers with no apparent reason but a messenger had escaped; the little, skinny and frail man brought an army back with him, not a soldier dared to take him on hand to hand. The sheer number of archers could be witnessed when the vast majority of the sky began to get occupied by arrows, for once a shade had been cast upon this forsaken place. It was clear that he valued a thread, it would make sense that they brought such a large army to bring him to his knees, never the less over thirty arrows struck his location and he was never seen again some say he became a ghost. A living ghost; a Xanathos.

RP Sample:


[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
So many things we never got to do
So many conversations we never got through I feel lost and empty now
Every day I ask, how?
I could feel nothing when you died
I felt I wanted to run and hide


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PostSubject: Re: Alexander Xanathos   Alexander Xanathos I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 05, 2018 7:51 pm

For the sake of benefiting both staff and members regarding the character application process I will grade by Quality.

Thus Quality can be divided into six fundamental pillars which supports the baseline. As the quality of an app is a large determinate regarding your character's tier, this is pretty invaluable and largely impactful for your tenure on HF. What are these pillars?



TBH I can't see the council been run by Alexander for several reasons. He is mad man, and killing machine lol. Though  don't agree with you working as the leader due to your twist history I can agree to rewarded with you seat in the council.

Also base off your app I am gonna reward you with the ranking of A-3


I can see why you are a member of Xanatos though, and as member I don't see you too over power as there balance needed with both position you have. I grant you A-3 because of your many years of life which would grant you a knowledge, and power through exp.

Finally!!! due to your faction , and age I will be awarding you + 2 Intelligence Approve move ya self lol
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Alexander Xanathos
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