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 Basic Site Rules

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Alexander Xanathos
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The Electric Executioner
Alexander Xanathos

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PostSubject: Basic Site Rules   Fri Jun 01, 2018 1:45 pm

Basic Site Rules:

  1. First and foremost Staff has last say, if there is an issue, or something you need to ask/talk about, what ever the staff member says is the ruling. How ever if you feel the ruling is unfair, you may take it to a staff member higher up then the one you asked, and you MIGHT get a different answer, but there is no way to know for sure. Do not nit pick about how a staff conducts them self's, they may be a Staff member on this site, but that does not mean they need to be professional, so long as their rulings are unbiased, and they do not show favoritism towards any other member when when grading applications or handling fights, or any other disciplinary action.
  2. There will be no fighting, flaming, trolling, or the like withing public chat areas, if you have a problem take it to Private Messages, or another location entirely, but we would like it if the Chat Box was Calm, and comfortable for every one. Sometimes the staff cannot be everywhere at once, or may take what seems like a harmless joke and fail to see insulting innuendos hidden behind it. If this happens, take a copy paste of the chat-log and PM it to a staff member, we will address the situation immediately!
  3. No Gods, Demi-Gods, or any other class of deity, NO EXCEPTIONS. You may have gods for parents, but you your self may not be a god, half god, or any other way of saying it. You may however have a "God Complex" meaning you think you are as powerful as a god and things of that nature but you are not a god.
  4. Due to Forumotion, and its Free forum regulations, all sexual, or pornographic content is not allowed, but please do not take this rule over board. If some one says the prod 'Boob,' or something like that don't go running to a staff member just to get them in trouble, this rule is placed more towards those who have "Cyber sex," "Cyber," or "NC" in open chats. We can not control what you do within private messages, but we can control what you do in the Public forum. All that being said, all clothing must stay on withing the CB, that means, you can not sit in the CB naked, you must have pants/shorts/skirts, shit/blouse/tanks-top/ect, and under garments on at all times, socks, and shoes are not required. This is a 3 warning system, First warning will be verbal+PM, Second will be a 24 hour Chat Box Ban, and the 3rd is a 24 hour site Ban, anything after that will result in a permanent ban from HMF.
  5. Relationships IC are of course encouraged, weather they be friendships, business alliances, dating, or any other relationships I did not list should be handled with care, but I do not want to see any one pressuring any one else in to a relationship of any kind at any point. Even if it is not your intention if the other member feels pressured, or if you are harassing them about it there will be consequences, even it it was not your intentions, if you ask some one more then once after they say no, odds are you will be facing the consequences. Punishment on the matter will depend on the extent of the issue, so if it seems to be harmless it might be a slap on the wrist, but if it seems more aggressive then you might be facing a ban, or worse Staff may be forced to file harassment charges towards you, not only through Forumotion, but if it goes to far we may have to take this as far as filing a Police report. (for those of you who think this is a bluff you should look it up, even over the net, harassment is harassment, same thing goes for threats towards other members REAL lifes). This is of course based on US laws, other countries may have different laws. And don't think about hiding and lying about living in a different country. We have the tools to look the general location of where you live! If such is the case of you living in a different country, that will of course have its own laws and rules, well we can settle the matter with a permanent ban instead.
  6. God-Mod'ing is not allowed at all, in other words you can not dodge every attack, and you can not dictate what another player's character will do, so please don't, it is the dumbest thing to get a warning about, just remember the words if, might, could, should, and possibly are your friends.
  7. No Absolutes, at all, no one is the absolute best or has some kind of absolute power, some one can always work to get better then you. This also applies to Absolute Zero, basically anything you can think of that might be an Absolute is not allowed.
  8. Meta-Gaming is in no way allowed, your character may not use out of character(OOC) knowledge, if they do not know about it in character(IC) they can not use it, We know this seems like one of those 'Duh' things, but you would be amazed at how often it happens.
  9. PLEASE read the Rules on Weapons, Skills, and Techniques. You may not have anything starting off (Unless it has previously been approved in an app.), and we dont want to have to explain this to every one over, and over again, so READ ALL THE RULES/GUIDES.
  10. DO NOT copy other peoples work, and try to claim it for your own, its is wrong, and looks bad, Please ask permission to use other peoples ideas, art, writing, and any thing we missed, they work hard and deserve the credit.
  11. You will need an approved Character app to Role Play(RP) in any official areas of the site, we do not mind if you play around in the Free talk area, but please make sure you have a family, group, or civilian color before you go playing in the approved areas.
  12. You may have basic weapons with out apps, but they can not have anything special about them, so for example you could have a standard 9mm. with hollow point rounds, and not need an app, but lets say you want those hollow point rounds to catch fire, or the gun it self to shoot fire balls you will need to get that approved using the standard Weapons Application.
  13. Another thing i am going to say again, READ ALL THE RULES/GUIDES it will make it so you can more easily get your apps approved, and save staff headaches. Techniques can only do one thing at a time, for example if you want to throw fire balls, your base Technique will be to channel you Life force in to fire out side your body, you would then need to buy an upgrade so you can actually throw the fire. For weapons it is basically the same thing. BUT for skills its a bit different, which once you read the guides you will understand.
  14. Balance is KEY! for every action there is a reaction, that is the law of the universe, and it is the law of the Valderre(name of the world here on HMF). Remember skills are combat styles and weapon skills things like that. Techniques have to deal with Life Force and special powers given to your character. And your Weapons need to be either simple(see weapons guide) or Special, ALL SPECIAL WEAPONS MUST HAVE A WEAKNESS; Explosives are considered special weapons and require an app.
  15. Meta-Gaming is in no way allowed, your character may not use out of character(OOC) knowledge, if they do not know about it in character(IC) they can not use it, We know this seems like one of those 'Duh' things, but you would be amazed at how often it happens. Yes I know this rule is on here twice, but it has to be stressed as much as I can, IF you chose meta-game in the hopes that we do not catch it, you should know this is a bannable offence due to its harmful nature to not only other players personal plots, but site plots in general, so PLEASE do not do it.
  16. We can not stress this enough, Please do not argue with staff when it comes to approvals, if they say you need to change or fix something, change it or come up with something else. Staff has the right to straight up say no, and just like that the whole app is denied, if you feel that the staff was wrong again you are welcome to take it to a higher ranking staff member.
  17. No Advertising in the CB please, we have a section for this, please use it, and please don't spam us with 100 advertisements a month, 2 a week is what we allow, if we see more then that, we will ban you IP's, thank you for your consideration.
  18. You may have more than one thread at a time, for now, but try to have it make sense please. Make it so it doesn't create an alternate time line or something, we know it sounds dumb but we have seen it happen before, so please mind the Time space laws.
  19. DO NOT POWER PLAY!!! If we have to tell you what power playing is, odds are you are doing it, or are new to RP, but we do not mind explaining this a bunch of times, since it will help keep site balance.
  20. When it comes to Staff issuing warning Via PM's, Those are the Warnings that count, verbal warnings still count, but the written(PM'ed) ones are the ones that will let you know we are being serious. If we feel we have issued you a fair amount of warnings about any one things, or any similar group of things, we reserve the right to ban you, and we are going to call this your fair warning since all members are required to read the rules there should be no one going back to their other sites saying they were banned with out warning, since as i said this is your warning towards the matter of multiple written(PM'ed) warnings.
  21. Every thing needs to either be in an app, or explainable IC for you to be able to use/do it IC, please do not try to work around this, you will make life hard for every one, and most of the time we will just void anything effected by the item or event you use that is not approved or explainable. All Characters who plan to be in a Family, must take on the Family's last name, no exceptions. If your character joins a family through marriage or birth of an outsider, you must either change your last name or keep it and accept the family name as a sub-name for your last name. IE: John Smith-Thantos.
  22. You may have 4 character at any given time. But however this must be on different alternate accounts, And we do check for IP inconstancy. Trying to sneak extra characters in without telling the staff could result in a warning or a worse, a ban.
  23. Due to the secrecy of the families and groups, you are limited to which ones your alts can be in.

    • If you pick a family on your first account, you may only have your alt in the same family, Council, Exiled or Civilian.
    • If you pick Council on your first account, you may have your alt in both a group and/or family with the exception of Rubrum Luna.
    • If you pick Group on your first account, you may have your alt be in any other group with the exception of the Rubrum Luna/Council Combination.

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Basic Site Rules
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