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 Weapon Rules

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Alexander Xanathos
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The Electric Executioner
Alexander Xanathos

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PostSubject: Weapon Rules   Fri Jun 01, 2018 1:42 pm

Weapons are easy, there is a rule of thumb for them, they are either Special weapons, which require an app, or Standard weapons, which do not require an app. Once you break it down in to those two groups things become easy for Standard weapons, and complicated for special weapons, so lets get down to it.

Standard Weapons:
Standard weapons are just what the name leads on, they are normal every day weapons like 9mm hand guns, knifes, swords, rifles, ect. but they can not have any kind of special power OR explosive qualities. Explosives are not standard weapons, sorry but i can allow people to go running around with C4, and no way to regulate it, its not going to happen. Standard weapons can how ever have armor piercing rounds, hollow points, special ammo of that nature, as well as lazer sights, scopes and accessories of that nature. Basically just remember no special qualities, they wont be able to have any kind of magical power. And now here are a few extra rules for you;

  1. No Special Qualities.
  2. List all Standard weapons in your first post in any topic, if you do not post them you will have to get them IC and explain how you got them.
  3. Standard weapons are a privilege, not a right, if you abuse them, you will lose them, no ifs, ands, or buts.
  4. To save your self a bit of time, if you use the same standard weapons all the time, PM a list of those items to a Staff member, and if they approve it you can simply place it in your signature, this way you wont have to put them in your first post of every topic.

Special Weapons:
Special weapons are weapons that run off of Life Force energy,they often have some kind of special quality or ability to them, some might catch on, or shoot fire, others might shoot lightning, and some might even heal, who knows, but really there is a lot you can do with Special Weapons, you just have to think about them. The biggest thing about Special Weapons is the NEED to be balanced, you can not have what you gain from them, be more then what they take from you, or them self's, its that simple, and most of all, and i cant stress this enough, no auto hits, no instant kills, no absolutes, and most of all DO NOT make it OP(over powered), staff has the right to reject it right out of the gate if they feel you may abuse it based on past behavioral actions, if they do you can try to weaken it, or try over. And now here are a few simple rules;

  1. Keep your ability, and weakness balanced.
  2. No auto hits.
  3. No instant kills.
  4. No Absolutes.
  5. Try not to make things OP.
  6. Put a link to your weapons in you Signature.
  7. As a rule of thumb Cool downs will be required, depending on the ability of the weapon.
  8. You are allowed 3 Special Weapons to start, each weapon can have one(1) ability to starts, upgrades can be introduced to it later on.
  9. Pets are considered Special weapons, and can have an ability just like a weapon, but you are only allowed one(1) pet. Pet starting points are 20 for stats, and the Max stat allowance is 1 Max stat, 4 Superior stats, and 2 Supper Charged stats. You may have Dire pets, but nothing over the allowed size.
  10. Staff holds the right to reject things with out giving you a reason, if you need to know why they reject your weapon(s) contact an admin, and they will find out for you, and tell you in an official statement; Remember no raging in the CB.


  • There will only be one pet allowed per character! If your pet dies or you decide later to get a mythological/different pet, you may tell a staff member that you are selling the pet  and the app will go to the basket (it’s like sending them to the pound).  You will not receive money back for ordinary pets.
  • Pets are and always will be treated the same way as a weapon! Even if you do not in tend on using it in battle.
  • If you own a mythological pet already and wish to get a new one or just don’t want yours anymore, you may sell it; it will be treated like a weapon transaction.

  • In the instance that you want to give your pet to someone else, you may trade them to another player so long as that person has an open weapon slot.
  • Pets are allowed as many upgrades as you wish to give them, however they may not use all of them at once; only one per battle. If you’re caught using more than one at a time, there will be consequences.
  • You may only purchase one of the same upgrade!
  • Every upgrade is required to be turned into an upgrade application in the weapon section! You may choose the weakness of the upgrade yourself.
  • You get 20 points to start with for your pet's stats! Stat limits are as follows: 1 Max, 4 Superiors, 2 super-charged

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Weapon Rules
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