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 Race Rules

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Alexander Xanathos
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PostSubject: Race Rules   Fri Jun 01, 2018 1:37 pm

Races would normally, in an RP like this, be Real life races, but not in this case, you will have a place to put you Nationality on the character app, but when i say races i am talking about the type of creature you are. There are seven main races; Human, Lycanthrope, Vampire, Demon, Fallen Angel, Changeling, and Half-Bloods. Each race has its own Bonus, so you should look in to them, and think about not what only suits your style, but your character idea, you may want to be a vampire, but you character idea might fit a Demon Better, so it pays to look in to thing.

RaceDescriptionStat Bonus
HumanAll humans may seem normal on the out side, but they are far from it. Humans have a way of learning faster then any other creature, this is mainly due to their short life span.+1 Intelligence
LycanthropeMost people think this is only Werewolfs, but they are not just werewolfs, they are any kind of Human like Shape, that can Morph in to an animal. Some even have the ability to control the change, allowing them to only change part way, or just cretin parts of their body. They are weak against Silver, it will often cause an allergic reaction, and burns.+1 Speed
VampireBlood suckers, what else can i say? Vampires are a Graceful race, and do need blood to survive, they can eat normal food, but it does really nothing for them as far as nutrition goes. They are not hurt by sun light, though the prefer the night.. They are weak against Gold, it will often cause allergic reactions, and burns.+1 Agility
DemonThey do not have to be from Hell, they can be formed from a cluster of angry spirits, or just about any other mythical way to create a demon. They tend to be really hard to kill, and love to torture, and be tortured. They are Weak against Blessed Metals, or Objects, It often causes Allergic reactions, and burn.+1 Stamina
Fallen AngelThese creatures are Angels that fell from the heavens, and down to earth, they normally don't keep their wings, often ripping them off them self's as a sign of pure defiance. They are a strong and proud race, some even call them fallen Valkries, it all depends on what area you come from. They are weak against evil objects, or cured objects, the objects will often burn their skin, and cause allergic reactions.  +1 Strength
ChangelingAs their name might hint at, they are shape shifters, Know for never keeping one shape for to long. Shape Shifiting is a natural ability for them, but they have to make physical contact with the shape they are trying to mimic, other wise they can change their hair, eyes, skin tone, things like that at will. They can NOT take an animal form, humanoid only. They are weak against Copper, it will cause allergic reactions, and burns. +1 Life Force
Half-BloodHalf bloods are mixes of the Main Races, the only catch is you have to pick one of the weaknesses of the creatures you mix, if it is half human half Fallen Angel, then you could either be mortal, OR allergic to cursed items. This allows Players to be creative, mix and match how you want, just keep it balanced, and place the Weakness and what you take from each race CLEARLY in your app.+1 Reflex
Fey Fey are anything not covered by the Races we have placed in to play. Basically allows you to create any race you want so long as it does not fall under the above races. This Race has no clear Weakness, so you will need to make your own Element based Weakness like the other races have, try to make it something common, and remember it will act as the weakness of the Vampires Gold Weakness, or any of the others, so please place it CLEARLY in your app some where. +1 to any stat

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Race Rules
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