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 Job Markets

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PostSubject: Job Markets   Wed Aug 01, 2012 12:38 pm

Well then 'nother day 'nother job! Busy hands are happy hands as so to speak. Here is where you can work to get a job on workforce that the family provides you with a paycheck for your work. There may be a small "Commission fee" where you would have to pay your boss as insurance that you will complete the job at hand. If so you will be payed back in double when the job is over!

There are three types of contracts:

Staff made contracts:

These are missions that have minimal to no effect to the weight of any family or group in general. These generally do not have a commission fee, and are usually the easiest of the three to do. Such missions are usually stuff like "Save the hostage," or "Help build a bridge" Type deal. These contracts are usually closed so you dont have to worry about third party interference.

Player made contracts:

So you need something done? You want someone snuffed or something stolen? Well you can request it to be done! Keep in mind that these missions are open when in the middle of completing them. So there is always that option of some third party interfering with your work. However, for each request the members take on this mission, keep aware that the reward money is coming out of YOUR pocket upon their completion. However you may take up a "Commission fee" to the members should they take up the mission. This way they must pay you in order to participate in this mission. However this is a gamble like all things in the Mafia! If they complete the contract successfully, you must hand back the money twofold that you took for the commission fees. Once the mission is complete, you may ask a staff member to take down the job offer at any time, or keep it up there for who knows what for!

Remember that the staff can moderate who's missions is acceptable and who is not.

Leader made contracts:

With Great power comes great responsibility. The leaders always have stuff on their agenda, from politics, delegations, and foreign bureaucracy, to smuggling, sabotage and subterfuge. They always need something done, For that reason, they may not have all the money in their pockets to pay for each and every completed mission. For this reason, the staff will compensate for half of the funds for each completed contract. There are some exceptions, such as making a contract for the benefit of the leader in person, rather than the benefit of the entire family, will be considered as a Player contract and the above rules apply. Keep in mind that again these contracts are open and someone may interfere with your plans.


Well then here we go! Start making those wanted signs!

Template for all made contracts:

Contract Name: Name of the contract. If a PC put the profile link here.
Contract type:Staff, Player, or leader?
Target: Who or what is the target(name and some kind of pic or description)
Difficulty: On a scale of 1-10 how hard is it. 1 being easy and 10 being the hardest
Location: What country, and/or city
Extra Notes: Anything you may wanna add in, or put in as an extra requirement, also where you put weather you want the target dead or alive. You may put in posting requirements as such.
Reward: How much Cash($) is this job paying
Commission fee: (OPTIONAL)Want them to pay you to take up this contract? Keep in mind you have to pay them back later in double!
Family/Group Exclusions: You can chose to exclude a group or family from accessing this mission, or make it group/family exclusive(in other words make it for just one group/family)


[b]Contract Name:[/b]
[b]Contract type:[/b]
[b] Difficulty:[/b]
[b]Extra Notes:[/b]
[b]Commission Fee: (OPTIONAL)[/b]
[b]Family/Group Exclusions:[/b]
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Job Markets
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